Episode 13 – The Three Eyed Newt

Returning to their search the group arrived at the Chop Shop to meet with Petul and build their bone constructs. During this process Petul told them the story of his youth, as well as some interesting information about our fuzzy blue mammal. The party reunites with some familiar faces, and get to FINALLY spend some of that good good dosh. Follow us online  @CMOAPODCAST for Instagram and Twitter  And Find us on Facebook for regular updates as Choose My Own Adventure!

Episode 3.8 Final Chapter Prologue – a.k.a. the Bathroom Brawl

Our group is separated, the perfect opportunity to strike! In a melee of epic proportions, the group fights against the murderous Baltheron in the bathhouse. Aiden is scared, Cricket is naked, and Ricken is learning to care for their comrads. Can the group survive the aqueous encounter?