Episode 2 – Unbearable Situation

Our Adventurers set off in earnest to find their acquaintances stolen items. What awaits them at their destination, and why does it smell like wet fur?


Episode 1 – How I Met Your Goddess

Choose My Own Adventure Our Adventurers find themselves in bodies different then they were before. With no memory of their past lives or how they got here, Cricket, Aiden, and Ricken must work together to find out their mysterious origin. Why are they together and why is Aiden so confused about the local geography. Tune in every other week for Choose My Own Adventure!

Rules and Character Creation

First of all, this will be a great boon to anyone trying to understand our roleplaying experience : https://fate-srd.com/fate-accelerated/get-started That being said we have modified it to suit our needs and the fates system strives at being a customizable experience! If you haven't played role-playing games before I would get a group together and just … Continue reading Rules and Character Creation