Episode 13 – The Three Eyed Newt

Returning to their search the group arrived at the Chop Shop to meet with Petul and build their bone constructs. During this process Petul told them the story of his youth, as well as some interesting information about our fuzzy blue mammal. The party reunites with some familiar faces, and get to FINALLY spend some of that good good dosh. Follow us online  @CMOAPODCAST for Instagram and Twitter  And Find us on Facebook for regular updates as Choose My Own Adventure!


Episode 6 – Ricken’s First Date

Oh No! Ricken and Sevis have found themselves separated from Cricket and Aiden! Will they survive the horrors that await them or will they reside forever in goblin solitude? Will their romance bloom into a green skinned flower, or will their hearts be shattered like the ruins around them? I guess you'll have to listen and find out in this episode of "CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE!" Guests: Zak Guder - returning as Sevis and John Golden - as Chet. You can find John's webcomic BoneMen at http://bonemen.smackjeeves.com/ Or follow him on Instagram @johnpgolden We are also sponsored by the RPG Armory - you can find their dice and bag sets here at: http://rpgarmory.com/dice-sets/ or in the amazon store here: https://www.amazon.com/RPG-Armory/ I thoroughly enjoy the Blossoming dice bag they have on there it really does hold a lot of dice and acts as a rolling platform so you don't scuff your table. Also if you listen in this episode we rolled like gods so these dice are no joke. Check em out and support the show in turn!

Adventure Summary Ep. 2 – An Unbearable Situation

Aiden, Ricken, and Cricket set off towards the east in search of Baltheron's stolen goods. As they enter the forest they come across a bear guarding a fresh kill. Panicked and defenseless Aiden breaks off a branch which only alerts the bear to the parties presence. Sensing danger the stick in Ricken's pocket starts to … Continue reading Adventure Summary Ep. 2 – An Unbearable Situation

Adventure Summery EP. 1 – How I Met Your Goddess

In a time before time the world was barren and ruled by cold life. Analyzing, orderly, and regimented, everything in its place. From this realm the goddess Thea was born and unto her people she maintained order. In a quest for true domination of the land she tore open the earth and documented all things. … Continue reading Adventure Summery EP. 1 – How I Met Your Goddess

Episode 1 – How I Met Your Goddess

Choose My Own Adventure Our Adventurers find themselves in bodies different then they were before. With no memory of their past lives or how they got here, Cricket, Aiden, and Ricken must work together to find out their mysterious origin. Why are they together and why is Aiden so confused about the local geography. Tune in every other week for Choose My Own Adventure!