Episode 14 – Who is Ironheart?

The first bout begins! Who will come on top? Ricken and company playing as the Chimera? or the new challenger, IRONHEART? FIND OUT THIS WEEK on CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE! This week we are sponsored by AUDIBLE!, use the link: http://WWW.AUDIBLETRIAL.COM/CMOA to get your free audiobook! Cancel anytime! We also are sponsored by RPG ARMORY! Customer service is always a top priority, and if you need dice or an amazing Dice Bag, that blooms like a flower???? WHAT!? Then find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RPGarmory/ or search RPG Armory on Amazon! Don’t forget to follow CMOA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! @CMOApodcast


Join Leon of EXPodcast as he and his friends (Jeanna and John) tell stories about working in the wide world of video game retail!  The wacky and crazy can only come from working in a place where nerds flock and hang out.  We will tell you some heartfelt tales, insane stories and silly situations in … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 18: STORYTIME: GAME RETAIL EDITION

EXPodcast Episode 17: METROID

  In a galaxy far far away, three goons will talk about their favorite lady bounty hunter.  THATS RIGHT!  The time has finally come to talk about everything Metroid.  Join your host Leon along side his fellow crew Nick and Jose as they explore these inner reaches of the solar system.  The last metroid may … Continue reading EXPodcast Episode 17: METROID

EXPodcast Episode 16: Anime Weekend Atlanta

  EXP took a trip to Atlanta GA to visit ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA!  We were on the go so we took the set up with us!  Check out out ON THE GO podcast, with exclusive AWA interviews.  Join Nick, Jenn, Grant and Leon for some trashy anime fun and some 18+ content (wink wink nudge … Continue reading EXPodcast Episode 16: Anime Weekend Atlanta

EXPODCAST EPISODE 15: Dragon Ball Games KAI!

  HEY CHA HEY CHA LA!  Get ready for our EXP Dragon Ball themed podcast.  Join your hosts Whis, Perfect Cell and Krillin as they join other fun friends of the Dragon Ball universe to delve into the deep world of Dragon Ball video games!  This episode will explode your scouter with its power level, … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 15: Dragon Ball Games KAI!


  Its the SEASON TWO SURPRISE EPISODE!  Episode 14 is all about TGS 2017!  Come check out our LIVE coverage from the TGS floor, right in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.  Join Alan Snow as he helps EXP explore the fun new stuff at TGS and guess what may be appearing later this week. Be … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 14: TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017

EXPodcast Episode 13: Veggies Personified

  Do you love Persona or not know what the heck it even is?  Do you enjoy a healthy diet of veggies, or only eat fried cheese?  Join JC (AKA Strain42) and Josian (AKA badass drummer dude) in a back and forth sales pitch for both of these passions!  JC being the local Atlas encyclopedia … Continue reading EXPodcast Episode 13: Veggies Personified


  Its time for another installment in the second season of EXP!  This time its Overwatch my gamer gals!  Join our new guest Shadia and our returning guest Josian as our Overwatch professionals!  They will be helping Leon talk about everything Overwatch, pro gaming and fun times!  This is also the reveal of our PATREON! … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 12: OVERWATCH!