EXPodcast Episode 28: E3 2018 Ep. 2

  The conclusion of this wild ride!  E3 may be over but we will never be!  Danelle and Leon wrap up this package and send you to GAMER HELL in our last episode of E3 2018!!!

EXPodcast Episode 26: Nintendo Labo event in NYC!

  Its Leon and Jenn at the Nintendo World Store in NYC!  We are attending the Nintendo Labo live event and man do we love playing with some cardboard! Listen and see what we think about Nintendo Labo in all its cardboard glory!  Is it an addicting and creative toy or is it just 80 … Continue reading EXPodcast Episode 26: Nintendo Labo event in NYC!

EXPodcast Episode 25: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

  This year we will see one of the most anticipated arcade cabinets hit the arcade scene.  With any luck you will get to play the newest installment in the house of the dead series, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn!  Join your host Leon and his guest Patrick as we explore everything that makes … Continue reading EXPodcast Episode 25: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

EXPODCAST EPISODE 24: Code Vein 1st Look!

  This year Bandai Namco is giving us the SPOOKY and BLOODY vampire action RPG CODE VEIN!!!  Join your host Leon and his best of bros Jose as we talk about he ultimate edge lord RPG and what to expect from the future release later in 2018!  Will it burst your heart?  Will it make … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 24: Code Vein 1st Look!

Episode 17 – Revelations

Our heroes find themselves on the cusp of getting the answers they need. Ricken deep below the Goblin Academy converses with the mysterious goblin Arbor, an occult specialist with a scientific mind. In his attempt to create a more perfect being Arbor used his own essence to create the goblin Becky, bestowing them with dangerous powers. Above in the dormitory Aiden and Cricket contemplate their next move. Why had Aiden become so brash, what doe he know the others don't?

Episode 15 – The Faceless

Talk about a cliffhanger! After our adventurers won their first round in the Bone Fighting Tournament, they set off for their lodgings courtesy of Romaine. Along the way, Aiden feeling jaded from his party members bonding, took it upon himself to investigate the Faceless One and Mr. Bones as they wandered into a secluded part ofGoblin Academy. Seeing his dash away from the group Cricket and Ricken split up to find Aiden and Romaine who had requested a meeting in the Central Observatory. Will our heroes find each other before fate strikes its cruel hand? Will Ricken survive the Central Observatory alone? Find out this week(month..... again so sorry for the lateness) ON CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE! We are sponsored by Audible this week. Audible is the premier destination for audiobooks, podcast and even radio programs. For people on the go or folks who need something longer lasting then a single music track, Audible can provide an escape to another world! For our listeners we are offering a free audiobook with the month trail at http://www.AUDIBLETRIAL.COM/CMOA. If you choose to continue your Audible subscription for 14.95/month you get a new audiobook every month, with special discounts and member exclusives from the Audible bookstore. Follow us at @cmoapodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

EXPODCAST EPISODE 21: Adios 2017! Hola 2018!

SEASON 3 OF EXP!  Well Girls and Gals its finally happened!  WE MADE IT!  Today on the first episode of season 3 we hand the mic over to our GUEST HOST Jose and his sexy co star Matt!  Join them as they recap on their gaming reflections of 2017 and the HYPE to come in … Continue reading EXPODCAST EPISODE 21: Adios 2017! Hola 2018!