EXPODCAST EPISODE 3: N64’s 21st Birthday

Leon and Jose join together to do the first "sketch comedy" episode of EXP.  Listen to us make ourselves sound like dinks and joke around as we throw the N64 a BDAY BASH.  Stay tuned until the end for some actual nice things about this beloved system.  SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!


Episode 7 – The Fortune’s Prize

In this episode we return to Cricket and Aiden's festivities with Taryn's band of Merry Men( and Women!) They encounter a mysterious wagon and its cargo within. We apologize for the shortness of this episode but i can promise you the next one makes up for it in kind! Don't Forget to Rate and Subscribe and vist us on the web @ http://www.choosemyownadventure.com or at www. CMOApodcast.com You can also find us on Twitter @choosemypodcast, Instagram @choosemyownadventure or Facebook!

Rules and Character Creation

First of all, this will be a great boon to anyone trying to understand our roleplaying experience : https://fate-srd.com/fate-accelerated/get-started That being said we have modified it to suit our needs and the fates system strives at being a customizable experience! If you haven't played role-playing games before I would get a group together and just [...]