EXPodcast Episode 17: METROID

  In a galaxy far far away, three goons will talk about their favorite lady bounty hunter.  THATS RIGHT!  The time has finally come to talk about everything Metroid.  Join your host Leon along side his fellow crew Nick and Jose as they explore these inner reaches of the solar system.  The last metroid may [...]


EXPODCAST EPISODE 15: Dragon Ball Games KAI!

  HEY CHA HEY CHA LA!  Get ready for our EXP Dragon Ball themed podcast.  Join your hosts Whis, Perfect Cell and Krillin as they join other fun friends of the Dragon Ball universe to delve into the deep world of Dragon Ball video games!  This episode will explode your scouter with its power level, [...]


  Its time for another installment in the second season of EXP!  This time its Overwatch my gamer gals!  Join our new guest Shadia and our returning guest Josian as our Overwatch professionals!  They will be helping Leon talk about everything Overwatch, pro gaming and fun times!  This is also the reveal of our PATREON! [...]