Choose My Own Adventure Podcast is a bi-weekly roleplaying podcast where you the audience decide on how the adventure unfolds. We ask our audience to fill out a poll before every recording, which we in turn use to direct our adventures!

Using a home-brewed mod of the FATES roleplaying system we have created a set of character sheets, rules, and skill professions that make the game feel more structured. We use 4d6 or in non-dorkish, four six-sided dice for just about everything. For a more in depth analysis of the rules check out the Rules and Fools page.

Our Players are:

Amanda Osborne! a.k.a. Cricket Moonleafthe elf cyclops ranger.


Amanda Osborne wants you to think she’s a witch. She might be a witch, but she’s also a graduate of Columbus College of art and Design with a degree in Illustration and a love of telling stories. She enjoys spending time drinking copious amounts of tea and wine, teaching kids how to ride horses, and collecting dead things out in the woods. She also writes a lot and makes rad things you can buy on Etsy at www.theskullgarden.com

Follow her on Instagram @ruedanger or Twitter @featherfracture

Jeffrey David Sibulkin (Leon) a.k.a. Aiden Deepbrookehuman noble spellsword

Jeffrey David Sibulkin AKA Leon is a lover, a fighter and overall a pretty okay dude. Leon finds joy in video game collection, competitive street fighter, LARPing, martial arts practice, and dog petting. In his professional life Leon earns his living at the world famous collectables establishment Planet Fun. Leon graduated from SCAD with a degree in film and television that he does not use because art is dead. If you want to know more about Leon or his social media, you can’t because he has none. Instead follow his girlfriend at jenniferpros.com, otherwise your already at his main internet outlet choosemyownadventurepodcast.com

Jennifer P. Ros! a.k.a. Ricken Graves goblin nec-romantica-mancer

Jennifer Puthycheat Ros is a comic artist, gardener and social activist. Above all, she prides herself in being a storyteller. She’s currently writing two graphic novels about sharks eating five-course meals and 90’s kids playing fighting-games. When will they be available for you to read? Man, Jennifer really wants to know too. When’s she’s not devoted to these projects, she spends her free time playing JRPG’s and eating more than you.  

Find my art on my website: https://jenniferpros.com

Follow her on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram @ZipZapZizzle

These adventurers are led through the universe with the help of our Dungeon Master –Marc Osborne! a.k.a. Every one else and all the bad guys too.

Creator? Visionary? Devilishly Handsome? These are the terms you might describe Ryan Reynolds, not this guy. Marc Osborne is however the dungeon master and author of Choose my Own Adventures game mechanics and story so that’s something. Marc also runs a weekly illustration blog for famous immigrants, www.52immigrantsproject.com and his illustration business www.marcthe3rd.com. Marc grew up collecting pokemon cards, she hulk comic books, and drawing his dbz oc’ s. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Illustration and Printmaking and has been pursuing his own slice of Art history since.
Follow him on Twitter @Marc_III  on Instagram @marcthethird 
On Tumblr at www.marctheblog.com or at Email marc@thethirdillustration.com
Ryan Reynolds is not in this podcast.

Our adventures couldn’t be heard if it wasn’t for our amazing behind the scene folks:

Sakda “Grant” SrikoetkhruenAudio Wizard and Templar “Gary” Oak Sampson

As per Grant’s Request:

“For now I just want mine to be, … Hi, I’m Grant, I’m the sound guy”

Find more audio work at his website: http://sakda-sounds.com

Gary Oak Sampson portrait by Kristin Mays

Website: https://kristinmaysart.wixsite.com/mysite

From time to time we also take on guest for our adventures to interact with: If you are interested in being on the show please email choosemypodcast@gmail.com or visit the contact page and fill out our little form!

Past Guest stars!

Nick Foronda as Baltheron!

Nick has a tumblr but its not really an art tumblr, follow him at Arcus-caeruleum.tumblr.com

Matthew Mahnken as Flint the Farmer!


Zak Guder as Sevis the Goblin!

Jeremy Hoyt as Ted the Unknown!


Fiona W. Dunn as Adrestia Virago the Half-Orc Bard

She is online at http://fionawdunn.tumblr.com, and @fionawdunn on Twitter and Instagram. You can also view her webcomic Verdency at http://verdancycomic.tumblr.com

John Golden as Chet Wimbledon, “The Cleansing Fist”

John works tirelessly at johnpgolden.tumblr.com but also he has a webcomic called Bone Men at  http://bonemen.smackjeeves.com/ It is very good.


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