EXPODCAST EPISODE 15: Dragon Ball Games KAI!


HEY CHA HEY CHA LA!  Get ready for our EXP Dragon Ball themed podcast.  Join your hosts Whis, Perfect Cell and Krillin as they join other fun friends of the Dragon Ball universe to delve into the deep world of Dragon Ball video games!  This episode will explode your scouter with its power level, so brace yourself for the spirit bomb equivalent of an EXPodcast episode!

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Nick Foronda:

Twitter: @BenosDiasBuggy

Instagram: @waifu_5_laifu

TUMBLR: Arcus-Caeruleum


Instagram: @cheetos_cereal






Can’t get enough?  We have an unedited version of the episode, dubbed: Ultimate EXPodcast Budokai Tenkaichi Episode 15 GT! If you loved what we did check out all the content below.

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