Come one come all to a daring adventure, deep underground we brandish our shovels!  FOR SHOVELRY!  A game we have been excited to share with you since day one, we are proud to present Shovel Knight! We will delve deep into the earth shattering indie classic and chat with you about all the great things this rad game has to offer!  BIAS ALERT THIS GAME RULES! Learn all about it in episode 6 of EXPodcast: SHOVEL KNIGHT!


Follow these beautiful people!


Leon Sibulkin – Instagram: @cheetos_cereal


John Golden – bonemen.smackjeeves.com

Twitter: @Jpegolden

Instagram: @johnpgolden

Tumblr: johnpgolden


Josian Soto-Ramos – vaticanxxx.bigcartel.com

Bandcamp: Vatican

Facebook: Josian Soto-Ramos

Twitter: @VaticanXXX

Instagram: @vatican.ga


Sakda “Grant” Srikoetkhruen – sakda-sounds.com


Michael Foxx – Soundcloud: ambassador-foxx

Youtube: RedmageFoxx

Twitter: @AmbassadorFoxx

Links to follow along to on this episode!


THE only place to find any collectibles

Good Theft Auto

Some of the best RPGs around


Shove Knight

Thin boy

Heres some Mario for ya

Man zelda looks weird side scrolling

Pls watch the show for this game

This game is hard

Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg

Jump and shoot man

Fuck this game’s music is so good

You can fight a toad?

You can fight Kratos!

You can play MULTIPLAYER?!

Calculator games

John what the fuck is this

Leon what the fuck is this

I do this at the park on Saturday mornings

A very recent game

Genie time

The best fighting game to ever get kickstarted

Please go support Lab Zero Games

I hope to god this game is good


A game that may never even come out

Please go play Hyper Light Drifter

Leon Jotun good go play it


Look at this cute puffball

Ass ass in Egypt

No game sky

More good ass ass in paris game

A better paris game

What a sly guy

Please buy the extra links dlc to view this link

Throw dem potions

You’re basically the grim reaper ya?

Like Megaman X

The game to play in front of your gamer girls

This is my Faze Clan montage tryouts vid

Oh Josian you’re so good at Overwatch

Good assassins creed


Have no fear Spider-Man is here

This game is dope

Breath of the Wild is amazing

Break your touch screen

Edgeworth is a beautiful man

Leon is lying this is his favorite game

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