EXPODCAST EPISODE 3: N64’s 21st Birthday


Leon and Jose join together to do the first “sketch comedy” episode of EXP.  Listen to us make ourselves sound like dinks and joke around as we throw the N64 a BDAY BASH.  Stay tuned until the end for some actual nice things about this beloved system.  SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!

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Same thing as above but now animated

Look who’s old enough to drink

WOW Blood is an actual game

Holy shit here’s Blood 2


Sex toy controler

Coincidence? I think not!

Uhhhhh I think there’s more that 21 games but I mean who knows how to count anyways

Time to get Hitched

Its history time, boys!

This game series broke friendships

Get fucked Leon


This game literally advertises broken friendships

Wrap it before you tap it

Time to bring my sweet ass charizard into pokemon stadium

Rumbly in my tumbly

Time to save put this shit in

This game is godly

Live footage of Joses mom smashing his n64


KIllin dinos

Bad break up

This fusion is the best the games industry will ever see

OG spore

Don’t be such a SQUARE 🙂

Big cock xbox owns these games now

Man this game is… a game

Best xbox(nintendo) games

Pikachu is the only one who listens to me

I’m pretty sure this game is impossible

Fight as future dracula

Fight as your favorite death note character


SD mode only

Shit wow this is bad

A better version of smash bros

Earthworm Jim is the only good thing about this game

Another GOOD game

Best friends

Dead forever

Feel the power

Waluigi was born in this game

What ever happened to Semisonic?

GOB is my favorite

I’m sorry babe!

The best of the best!

The best part of stadium

It’s true this game made Jose fucking insane

It’s Donkles

A rainbow of consoles

The beginning of something great

Another first in the series

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