Episode 8 – The Song of the Forest

This week we are sponsored by AUDIBLE!, use the link:

WWW.AUDIBLETRIAL.COM/CMOA to get your free audiobook! Cancel anytime!

The gang’s all together again! But it seems their reunion won’t be celebrated as they are sent to fetch a powerful artifact, a new friend in tow. Will this Half Orc Bard bring joy and song or misery and deceit? Find out this week on CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE!

Guest : Fiona W Dunn!

Find her work: www.fionawdunn.tumblr.com 

Her Webcomic Verdancy: www.verdancycomic.tumblr.com

Or her social media: @FIONAWDUNN

Don’t forget to follow CMOA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! @CMOApodcast



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