Adventure Summery EP. 1 – How I Met Your Goddess

In a time before time the world was barren and ruled by cold life. Analyzing, orderly, and regimented, everything in its place. From this realm the goddess Thea was born and unto her people she maintained order. In a quest for true domination of the land she tore open the earth and documented all things. At some moment the planet grew spiteful and from its depths rose Thragg, God of Strife. Within moments of his arrival the land was cataclysmic, the far reaching kingdoms of Thea torn apart, separated by oceans of molten earth. As time went on the goddess Thea plead for a miracle for her power was outmatched by Thrall’s raw force. Indeed once she was moments from peril, a new God announced her presence. The Goddess of the Wheel appeared and with a turn of her spindle she pulled the earth to a time before Strife. Thea swore to uphold this peace and promised to not interfere again with mortal life. and with that she became know as the Goddess of Redemption. With her interference the Goddess of the wheel thwarted the end times and in doing so created the passage of time, the trials of destiny and the reward of possibility. So it has been said.

(music fade out-fade in new music)

Dawn’s first light crests the Azure Cliffs overlooking the land of Feyris. The Temple of Wheel  illuminated by the golden glow of the morning. A cloaked figure approaches the temple from the southeast. She opens the massive wooden doors and slips inside. Pausing at the temple’s entrance the figure pulls her hood back to reveal a crest of braided red hair. Reaching outward with both hands the figure stumbles though the dim chamber. Slowly moving through the empty hall she feels the smooth touch of polished stone. She moves her hands up its sides until they reach the top of a circular pillar, a brass ring set in the stones’s surface with spokes of bronze symbols shooting off a spindle at the center. She retreats her hands and places one over her eyes, the other hesitantly on the the large bronze ornament attached at the ring’s center. She takes in a slow breath, calming herself, and grips the ornament tightly. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to begin” “Everything will be different again” she whispers and she spins the Wheel.

Her vision twirls before her and goes black, she feels as though she has been swallowed by a deep sleep. Moments tick by like an eternity and when she finally opens her eyes she is far away from the temple, a top a towering cliff,the gusty sea air whipping past her. She reaches back up to her eyes and feels them there, solid and functional. She turns on her heels and starts her descent to the land below.

Back in the temple three figures stand surrounding the stone cylinder. 2 figures of average height, 1 shorter then the others. They come to at the same time, each of them realizing they are not the people they once were…

Our three adventurers find themselves in new surroundings having had the sensation of being here before but at a different point in their lives. The group introduces themselves as Ricken Graves the anxiety-ridden goblin, Cricket Moonleaf the dramatic and excitable elf, and Aiden Deepbrooke an aristocratic noble-human. They meet the host of the temple, Anora, a human priestess with long dark hair and a cloth over her eyes. She hands the group a Blue Leather Tome containing their fate, a map of Feyris, the land they now inhabit, and a feather charm that will allow them to commune with the goddess of the wheel.

After they open the tome to find a destination the group sets off for Torpor, a magical metropolis that Ricken seems to have prior memory of. When they try to use the map Aiden doesn’t seem to recognize anything on it, confused at the disappearance of the elven kingdoms of lore.

As they make their way to the crossroads town of Rockledge, the group comes across a mysterious halfling named Baltheron who asks the group to recover some peculiar items. Suspicious of the halfling, Ricken searches their bag to find a simple stick with a lock of hair affixed to the end of it, and they pocket it.

Setting off on their first sidequest the group approaches a forested path.

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Thank you for Choosing MY Adventure!


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