Adventure Summary Ep. 2 – An Unbearable Situation

Aiden, Ricken, and Cricket set off towards the east in search of Baltheron’s stolen goods. As they enter the forest they come across a bear guarding a fresh kill. Panicked and defenseless Aiden breaks off a branch which only alerts the bear to the parties presence. Sensing danger the stick in Ricken’s pocket starts to vibrate with warmth. As Ricken retrieves the stick the lock of hair launches itself towards the approaching bear, wrapping it like a boa constrictor. The hair then retracts and pulls the entire bear into the sticks tip, Jumanji-style. The stick welcoming its meal transforms into a wand coated in bear fur. Curious to see this thing in action again Ricken aims at a newbie tree and transforms the tree into a bear ent, half bear half tree. Horrified Ricken flees her comrades sides, with Cricket giving chase. As Aiden contemplates hugging the bear ent, the tree transforms back to normal as Ricken leaves the area. They point at the corpse of a deer to try transforming it but nothing happens. They leave the deer behind. The group makes their way into a clearing that is man-made in the middle of the forest, small shacks and fields of herbs filling the empty space. Running in the town are several farm-folk emaciated and sickly looking screaming in terror. The group bewildered is approached by a lone figure who seems to have his wits about him. Flint a neighboring farmer has been unable to calm his fellow agriculturists and requests help from the group. They agree after they find the stolen weapons, to which they are led to a small store house. Once inside the weapons are found lying in a hay pile as Flint explains something just took over his friends and made them want to be bandits. However when they brought weapons back here they slowly started to go mad and ended up like they are now. When Aiden attempts to cover up the weapons he stumbles and touches the black bow causing him to pass out. An eerie silence comes over the area, followed by a bellowing cry and a stampede of footprints towards the store house. Cricket quickly latches the door shut and barricades the entrance. Aiden recovers and grabs the black sword instead, attempting to arc it though a hay bale window as a distraction. Woozy from his feinting spell he under-shoots and the blade collides with the wall easily slicing through the door and barricades allowing the farmers to burst forth. Cricket grabbing the Black Bow, tackles a grip of nausea and whacks two of the farmers unconscious. Flint wielding a thick club trips another. Ricken points their wand at Flint and turns his left arm into a bear arm which allows him to subdue another of the farmers. When the battle clears the group piles the wounded on a wagon and head to Rockledge where they can get medical treatment. As they approach they discover a small hamlet with a temple of the wheel, a training yard, an inn, and an archery range. They unload the farmfolk at the inn and begin conversing with the townsfolk.


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