Rules and Character Creation

First of all, this will be a great boon to anyone trying to understand our roleplaying experience : That being said we have modified it to suit our needs and the fates system strives at being a customizable experience! If you haven't played role-playing games before I would get a group together and just [...]


OH BOY! HERES A PIKMON!, I think its a type of Pikachu, but I could be wrong, Leon is out of town and I know nothing about Pikmin. - But I did hear that Choose My Own Adventure Podcast is really good, way better then this podcast.  Love you Leon and Jen! Follow these beautiful people! Leon Sibulkin – Instagram: @cheetos_cereal Jennifer Ros – Twitter & Instagram: @zipzapzizzle Sakda “Grant” Srikoetkhruen – Michael Foxx – @ambassador-foxx Youtube: Twitter: @AmbassadorFoxx


Episode 11: The Mysterious Mr. Bones, The Final Fight of the Manticore.

Our Adventure begins with a spectral fight, as our heroes with Batu in tow fight a shadow wolf guarding a mysterious blood symbol in Kale's secret chamber. Will they survive this encounter? Will they ever reach the bone-fighting tournament? Will they meet the coolest Bone Supplier in Torpor? And who is this Manticore fellow? Is it Vince McMann? Hulk? Check out this week on CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE! SPONSORED THIS WEEK BY AUDIBLE! VISIT WWW.AUDIBLETRIAL.COM/CMOA FOR A FREE AUDIOBOOK!

Episode 10 – Extracurricular Activities

Fate and Destiny are altered when three Heroes spin the wheel and take upon themselves to explore the vast realm of Feyris. Traveling through towns, forests and vast plains the adventurers Aiden Deepbrooke, Cricket Moonleaf, and Ricken Graves have finally made it to the Magical city of Torpor. Quickly detained at the city's entrance, the city guard's believe Ricken is a recent missing person! And Whats this about KALE? Some kind of Superfood party? Check this week on CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE! Sponsored this week by Audible! Visit for a free audiobook!


Join EXPodcast as they explore the realm of the Dragon Age games!  With the help of Marc and Amanda Osborne, we will explore the deep depths of this wacky fantasy RPG! WARNING! Some hard opinions and heavy fandom are ahead.  Get your short sword out and sit back, its going to be one hell of a ride, in EXPODCAST EPISODE 4 ELDER SCROLLS: DRAGON AGE: THE RECKONING EPISODE 4!  Also dragons.